a short selection of recent references

Here a nice selection of references, for even more client testimonials, please see my LinkedIn profile.

nasa_logo‘We have had the pleasure of hosting Ing. Ramon Vullings during an Innovation Summit hosted by NASA. Ramon is an electrifying and passionate speaker, and his talk on the topic of cross industry innovation and creativity was one of the most well received talks at the summit. Participants were able to gain a fresh perspective on innovation from his abundant expertise on the topic coupled with latest research, statistics, and good humor.’
Omar Hatamleh, Chief Innovation Officer – NASA

ANVR logo‘We hired Ramon for giving a key note speech at our ANVR “need for speed” conference in Abu Dhabi. Being the first speaker at a four day’s conference he immediately set the tone for an inspiring conference. Ramon was inspiring, giving lots of new insights to our audience, combined facts and figures with lots of humour and really connected to the audience. Ramon was the perfect start of a perfect conference.’
Frank Oostdam, Director – ANVR

Intertrust logo‘I’m very happy with the professional moderation by Ramon during our 3-day Global Sales meeting. Our team consists of people from many different countries and cultures. With his energetic style and various work formats, Ramon manages to keep the people motivated to work on tough business items, while also keeping the lightness with good humor. 

Unique about Ramon is that he understands our business, is able to add his knowledge on innovation/business development and is flexible in terms of adjusting the programme to the needs of the group. He also uses great videos and pictures… we had great fun during the ‘PowerPoint Karaoke’ after dinner a true ideaDJ ! ‘
Jan Willem van Drimmelen, – Intertrust Group



‘Ramon is fresh, open minded and always out of the box. He is able to motivate everyone – and I mean really everyone: a group of serious looking, concentrated German engineers or a team of super sophisticated, satturated advertisers. He is able to spark an idea in every group and help people to nurture their own ideas. Your result: innovation where you never would expect it.’
Petra Sammer, Partner & Chief Creative Officer – Ketchum Pleon


‘Worked with Ramon & Cyriel on multiple challenges and they always seem to be able to apply enormous amounts of creativity to their workshops/sessions. Whether it’s about behaviour, strategy, team-spirit or out-of-the-box-thinking, it’s always worthwile exchanging thoughts with Cyriel & Ramon! Value for money is very important, especially with the current economic conditions and I’ve never been disappointed in this strong partnership so far.’
Peter Lathouwers, Team Leader Business Intelligence – Nike


‘Ramon did an internal workshop. His spirit, vision and personality was excellent with the outcome of new bright thinking. With his charme and knowledge, he got everybody enthusiastic. I would like to meet him again to learn more to “think out of the box” with very simple but very good examples.’
Alexander Rupp, Managing Director – Hager Group


‘Ramon & Marc from 21 Lobsterstreet were an excellent choice for our Portfolio Day (we call it Family Day). They guided us excellent through this 2-Day-Event with more than 750 guests and created an exceptional atmosphere with their work.’
Simon Schneider, Investment Director – HTGF


FloraHolland logo‘Ramon is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people I know. He is  very inspiring and creative. He is able to let individuals, small or large groups discover parts of their brains they didn’t know existed. For new business, creative strategy settings or stimulating R&D groups, Ramon is the one to call.’
Martin De Ruiter, Manager Supply Chain Operations – FloraHolland


‘Dear Ramon, Thanks so much for your inspiring contribution to the Hager Group Management Summer School. Really helps to develop new thinking!’
Rob Goedegebuur, Knowledge & Process Manager – Hager Group


‘Last year, I had the pleasant occasion to meet Ramon and his colleagues of 21 Lobsterstreet at an internal company event. Their way of interactive, visual presenting/coaching was impressive and created an inspirational atmosphere for all participants, even the most sceptical ones. It was fun AND effective. No more boring events with these guys!’
Helga Webers, Marketing Manager – Desso


‘Our client event was – thanks to the Masters of Interaction and the IdeaDJ – a very successful event. The reactions were almost unanimously positive and what struck me was that some participants wanted to use some of the exercises during their own meeting or with colleagues. And looking forward to collaborate again in the future.’
Peter Appeljan, Director Woningbeleggingen – Syntrus Achmea Vastgoed


Note: Ramon Vullings has given many presentations / done projects for various organisations, governments and not-for-profits in many sectors / industries. The stated testimonials are for engagements which are not under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). For more references, please contact us.