• Aligning strategy, attitude & tools

    Based on his research, Ramon & his team help you to innovate in a smarter way using cross-industry insights.

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    Workshops & Master Classes

    Methods & Tools

    Learn to use proven methods to find new ideas from other sectors and use the right tools for the job to remix your business.

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    1-3 Day Seminars

    Culture & Attitude

    Working on the openness to ideas from outside, to reducing risk aversion for more experimentation for innovation.

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    In-depth Consulting

    Research & Learning journeys

    From executive coaching, to cross-industry learning journeys with leadership teams, Ramon helps to define strategic directions.

  • cross-industry innovation: core focus areas

    Focus: strategy, attitude & tools
  • The cross-industry innovation parcours:

    the 10 step process which we use in Master Classes & custom innovation programs

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  • Partners

    A selection of key partners in developing cross-industry innovation

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    GERBUS Academy

    On-line Executive education

    We provide access to world-class management thinkers & business experts and offer innovative development programs and formats for senior management and executives. 


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    Circle Radius

    Enhancing leadership impact, to drive your business forward

    CircleRadius stands for our contemporary approach to leadership and development. The circle represents learning communities that are inclusive, collaborative and help people thrive. The radius is about enhancing leadership impact to drive the business forward. - CircleRadius.com

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    Dare 2 Cross

    Innovation through collaboration

    Dare2Cross connects people, companies and organizations that would not meet each other in their natural environment. That connection takes place around specific, current themes. With this Dare2Cross breaks through fixed patterns within sectors and creates room for new solutions or the application of solutions that are new to this industry. - Dare2Cross.nl

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    Market investigators inspired by geology

    Market investigators inspired by geology: You can better manage the surface if you understand the depth and layers below. - Seissmo.com

  • Ramon's moderation was outstanding!


    He did a fantastic job at our meeting and everybody was very happy with his stellar management of the event.


    Ramon added a lot of energy to the whole event, provided positive spins and managed the panellists in an impeccable manner.



    Merle Roemer, Manager Marketing & Comms – EFSE

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    not invented here

    cross-industry innovation

    Cross-over cooperation between silos and sectors is crucial.


    In his programs, Ramon uses this book and the outlined methods to jump-start your innovation efforts by drawing analogies and transferring approaches between contexts, beyond the borders of your own industry, sector, area or domain.

  • Learn more

    Check out the blog & tools!

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    Ramon's visual blog

    the ideaDJ blog

    The cross-industry inspiration & link site of ideaDJ Ramon Vullings


    visit the blog

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    idea-killer & -booster cards

    check out the tool cards

    Let's talk about culture: idea-killers and idea-boosters


    download the posters

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    Free tools

    cross-industry tools

    The cross-industry innovation tools overview


    download the tools

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    creativity in business

    the basic guide for generating & selecting ideas


    In his programs and workshops, Ramon uses tools and techniques from this book for much needed creativity in innovation projects!

  • A selection of happy clients. Read the testimonials here.

    Happy clients
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    21 ways sets created


    Views on Ramon's & Marc's Slideshares


    Worked with Ramon on multiple challenges.

    Whether it’s about behaviour, strategy, team-spirit or out-of-the-box-thinking.

    Ramon is the one to call !


    Peter Lathouwers, Team Leader Business Intelligence – Nike