• Ramon speaks about bringing the outside world in and why remixing of ideas cross-sectors is a smart strategy in this digital age.

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    Great Leaders Mix and Match

    get ready for the future with the ideaDJ strategy

    Based on Ramon's latest book, the keynote 'Great Leaders Mix and Match' is a must experience (virtual) keynote for future-fit leaders. Filled with inspiring thoughts, engaging activities, relevant examples and practical tips. It will challenge you as leader to be more curious, to look outside your bubble and to shape a bright future for yourself, your business and our world.

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    Recovery, Reset or Remix?

    what's next for leadership & innovation

    Some people say the world needs 'recovery', others say the world needs a 'reset'. Ramon Vullings is convinced the world needs to 'remix'! In short, the world needs 'impactful & beautiful combinations which add value'. In this talk Ramon illustrates how leaders can create these 'beautiful combinations' and use this to navigate the future!

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    Cross-industry innovation

    Don't copy-paste, yet copy-adapt-paste!

    Learn from other companies in totally different sectors! This interactive and engaging keynote is based on the research by Ramon for his latest book: Not Invented Here: cross-industry innovation, filled with great insights & examples to learn from other areas.

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    Cross-team / BU collaboration

    Work way better together: first effectiveness, then efficiency!

    Cross-over cooperation between teams, silos and other organisational entities is crucial. In this interactive and engaging keynote Ramon Vullings takes you -and your team- on a wild ride to show that there is so much more to learn from each other, closer than you might expect!

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    Eco-systems & partnerships

    99% of the smartest people don't work for you...

    The future for many businesses is in working together via platforms, in eco-systems. Now how do you take the next steps in advanced partnerships, where trust is enabled via API's (Application Programming Interfaces) and where everybody wants to take the 'director's' role? In this interactive keynote Ramon addresses these questions in his own energetic style!

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    Be an ideaDJ: implement a remix strategy

    Don't invent, yet discover & combine!

    In this keynote Ramon outlines the need for ideaDJs in today's organisations, The world has many complex challenges which cannot be solved anymore from a single dimension, (innovation) leaders need to understand the enourmous value which can be obtained by (re)mixing ideas cross silos, especially in these digitally connected times.

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    Cross-silo Leadership

    Go from an ego to an eco-system

    Most executives recognise the importance of breaking down silos to help people collaborate across boundaries, yet they struggle to make it happen. In his keynote Ramon provides concrete tips & tools to enable cross-silo cooperation.

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    Remix sustainability

    Remix your business to boost your sustainability efforts

    How can executives shape and speed up their organisation's sustainability transition? In his engaging keynote Ramon shows cool cross-industry examples, combined with concrete tools & tips to assist your people and partners to boost your sustainability!

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    Reducing Risk Aversion

    Not a failure, yet a nearling !

    For innovation and change it is just as important to let go as it is to come up with new ideas. For letting go you need guts. Guts is what remains if risk aversion is reduced. This -very- interactive presentation takes you over some boundaries...

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    Making ideas happen

    1% inspiration, 99% transpiration

    At many clients we hear the same remarks: ‘We have enough ideas, we just can’t implement them!‘.


    Based on Ramon’s consulting experience, he provides key insights and tangible action steps to start selecting, testing & implementing your ideas today! Get ready for (inter)action!

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  • Ramon Vullings

    Ramon speaks about bringing the outside world in and why remixing of ideas cross-sector is a smart strategy in this digital age.


    Whether an organisation's strategy or leadership competency development is focussed on growth, managing complexity, dealing with ambiguity, cultivating innovation, reducing risk aversion, building networks & eco-systems or making ideas happen, Ramon Vullings helps business leaders with strategies, tools & skills to look beyond the borders of their domain to transform their business in a smarter & digital way.

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  • Ramon spoke to an international audience of around 1000 professionals.

    He was a resounding success - his message was fresh, relevant and actionable.


    Catherine McGavock, Vice President EMEA – GBTA









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    Keynote for Yildiz Holding in Istanbul (Turkey)


    For new business, creative strategy settings or stimulating R&D groups, Ramon is the one to call.​


    Martin de Ruiter, Manager Supply Chain Operations – FloraHolland​​

  • Don't copy-paste, copy-adapt-paste!

    - Ramon Vullings