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  • ‘Great Leaders Mix and Match’ is a must read for future-fit leaders; inspiring thoughts, intriguing examples and practical tips. It will challenge you to be more curious, to look outside your bubble and to shape a bright future for yourself, your business and our world.


    - Stan Steverink, CircleRadius | Leadership Development

  • Ramon's new book !

    Great Leaders Mix and Match

    Book: Great Leaders Mix and Match
  • Great Leaders Mix And Match
    Great Leaders Mix And Match

    Get ready for the future with the ideaDJ strategy

    The book 'Great Leaders Mix And Match' is a manifesto for more beautiful combinations in (business) life. The world faces complex challenges and these challenges can only be resolved by mixing and matching ideas.


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    not invented here: cross-industry innovation
    Not invented here

    cross-industry innovation

    Cross-industry innovation is a clever way to jump-start your innovation efforts by drawing analogies and transferring approaches between contexts, beyond the borders of your own industry, sector, area or domain.


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    Creativity in Business

    Creativity in Business

    the basic guide for ideas

    The book Creativity in Business focusses specifically on business and education, as it is the basic guide for idea generation and selection, critical thinking and creative problem solving.


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    Creativity Today
    Creativity Today

    tools for a creative attitude

    The book Creativity Today is a visual guide to help you through the 4 step creative process:

    1) Ask the right questions, 2) Generate lots of ideas, 3) Select the right ideas, 4) Start implementing!


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    'Creativity Today'

  • Book browse: 'not invented here: cross-industry innovation' 📕

    Visit the website crossindustryinnovation.com, see cool examples and download free tools!

  • Don't think outside the box, think outside your industry!

    - Ramon Vullings

  • Ramon spoke to an international audience of around 1000 professionals.

    He was a resounding success - his message was fresh, relevant and actionable.


    Catherine McGavock, Vice President EMEA – GBTA