• The show goes on (-line) !

    Ramon delivers on-line keynotes & interactivity

  • Recovery, Reset or Remix?

    Great Leaders Mix And Match

    get ready for the future with the ideaDJ strategy

    Ramon's new engaging keynote on how leaders can make 'beautiful combinations' to navigate the future!

    Recovery, Reset or Remix?

    Recovery, Reset or Remix?

    what's next for leadership & innovation

    Get a grip on how leaders can foster innovation to create a brighter future!

  • on-line offerings

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    on-line keynote


    leadership in & after crisis

    Ramon Vullings helps business leaders with cross-industry strategies, skills & tools to work smarter in and after crisis!

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    fun formats

    in action

    webinars? #notboring!

    Bringing new & interactive(!) formats to digital events. No more boring webinars with Ramon as moderator!

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    on-line experience


    combine physical & digital

    Combining both on-line and off-line interventions allows for greater audience attendance & engagement!



    On-line collaboration ! 🎥 ✅ 💟 📲

  • New times require new formats ⚡️ 📲

    This is the largest global experiment in digital transformation and on-line learning, so this also allows for wonderful technology explorations!




    We can do so much better! 😉


  • Event design & technology support

    For the digital experience design and technology setup, Ramon works together with a network of trusted event organisers (like Speakers Associates & Turn Key Business Events) and various AV (audio visual) design companies, to be able to tailor a solution for your events.


    The show must go on (-line) !

    Ramon delivers on-line keynotes, interactivity & experience design


  • No more boring webinars!

    From physical to virtual meetings and hybrid formats in between,

    Ramon Vullings helps to design & deliver great experiences!


    Ramon delivers interactive keynotes and provides moderation services.


    The show goes on... also on-line!